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Melbourne photo booth hire for special occasions

A volume of memories can be safely preserved in one picture. Moments can be immortalized to be forever remembered in that single beautiful photograph. Br it anywhere in Melbourne, outdoors or your party, you can take top quality beautiful pictures a using makeshift photobooths. Our photobooths ensure you take the most astonishing pictures just anywhere in Melbourne with no stress. Our ubiquitous photobooth hire service will guarantee you the most appealing pictures even in the most unappealing environments.

We provide such an amazing variety of photobooths at Cheap cost

We have a wide range of photobooths making sure we accommodate your preferences. That is how we always have the befitting photobooth for every of your occasions in Melbourne. The range of our photobooths, cut across mirror photobooths, large and small inflatable photobooths, enclosures, crazy pops and others making an encompassing diversity you must have been looking for. With this wide stretch of photobooths, you can be rest assured of sparkling pictures as our photo booths will perfectly document your event in the most memorable photographs in Melbourne.

We deliver services that suit you particularly

Every of our customer are special in their own ways and we take pride in treating them according to their uniqueness. Therefore, we provide customized services that precisely fit their taste. We don’t just approach their event and see it as just another one. Infact, we make it ours and hence, we treat it exclusively and with a touch of royally too. Our expert photoboothie works hand in hand with our clients to deliver services tailored to the extremes of their taste. It is your show and we will sincerely help you create your moments when you hire us.

Melbourne photo booth – Cheap photobooth hire for your wedding day

The quality of your photos actively depends on the expertise expended in the setup of the photobooth. Deep elements like lighting, contrast are all unequivocally tied to how well the photobooth is set up. This is why you will need professional set up for your photobooth. Our experts will set up your photoboth for you free of charge. When you hire our photobooths for hire, it will be set up for you at no cost. With us, you are not paying much to create the best memories. Besides, our photobooth services are very affordable. Not to mention, we will provide you with the most sophisticated photobooths, all enhanced with the latest technologies at very cheap prices. Just the thought of the affordability of our services is intoxicating enough, you will surely be involuntarily smiling about in your pictures without being told cheese.

We will flood you with quality

What is a picture without quality? Not a picture at least. With our lovely photobooths and expert facilities, you will be swimming in abundant quality. We present you affordably and overwhelmingly great quality photos with DSLR technology. Our DSLR cameras are top of the class and the cream of photography. We offer unlimited photo prints all across Melbourne when hired. Our expert photographers understand the art, science and psychology of amazing photography. Thus by combining the most skillful personnel and the most enchanting facilities, you know you are getting you most astonishing pictures anywhere in Melbourne.

With our photobooth hire services, affordability and quality tastefully come together to make sure all your photography needs are delectably satisfied. Getting beautiful pictures have never been easier.

Our Photobooths

Taking an image and freezing a moment just when it is at its best, reveals how rich reality truly is!

OUR Services

Crazy Props

We Provide large collection of props for your event

Custom Design

We custom design photo strip logo according to your requirement free of charge

Free USB

We provide free USB with all original images taken on your event!

DSLR Quality

Our Photo Booths are equiped by high quality DSLR cameras.

Free Album

Our Packages included free photo album

Free Setup

Free Setup – Our Staff will attend one hour early for setup

Free Delivery

Our Packages included 20km free delivery zone from Melbourne CBD

Unlimited Photos

Unlimited Photos print during photo booth hire. 2 copies of 2×6″ photo strips.

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